Monday, November 21, 2011

Why Run?

I enjoy working out, really, I do.  I've always had gym memberships and I enjoyed lifting weights and the spinning classes.   If I couldn't make it to a spin class during the week I wouldn't go to the gym.  I would just spend several hours on Saturday's and Sunday's.  I really didn't have a workout routine, I only went when it was convenient.  I have a pretty decent drive to work so when school started I could never make it to the gym on time for spinning so I never went.  I decided to stop my membership since I would only go a couple of times a month.  My doctor always preaches about how important it is for me to stay in a consistent exercise routine and I hate disappointing my doctor.  I know that he would not be happy if he new I only worked out on the weekends.
I love being outside and I have always been amazed at runners.  (I think it started when I was in 6th grade and I had to write a paper about Jackie Joyner Kersee).  How cool is it that a long distance runner can run anywhere in the world?  I love watching people run the short fast races but also the marathons.  It just seems like something that should be impossible to do.  After telling friends and family that I want to try to be a runner (obviously not one that wins races, just one that finishes races) a lot of them would say things like "You can't run outside" or "ok, yeah, um good luck with that."  Don't tell me I can't do it. That's a challenge to me.  So now I'm determined to be a runner.

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