Monday, November 21, 2011

Joining a Running Class

I'm so glad that I stayed and talked to the people at the RunOn! tent at the Melon Dash.  They encouraged me to think about joining a class.  I went to the store and mentioned some of my health problems to one of the workers and she told me about her heart problems and how she started running as an adult because of the RunOn! classes.  I signed up for the class and since I answered yes to any of the health questions I had to get a written note from my doctor.  (I actually answered yes to 8 of the questions).
In August I started my first class at RunOn!  The first night we do the "Magic Mile" to place us in the right group.  I ran the mile in 10 min 46 seconds.  I was actually proud of that.  I was really nervous.  I thought most people would finish in less that 8 or 9 minutes.  I was in the middle of the pack.  There were people that were much faster and some that were slower.  They put me in the the "faster" 101 group.  I had a lot of fun getting to run with the group every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Saturdays!  I learned a lot about stretching, diet, clothes, products, and first half marathons and marathons.  I also made some great friends, one of which is my "slow buddy" Kate.  We were always at the back of the pack but we thought that was our job, to make sure no one was left behind.  Our goal for this class was the Mary Kay 5k.

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