Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, Hi There!

Well, I've been just as bad running as I have been blogging.  School has been crazy and I've had a cold that I haven't been able to get rid of.  Also, I was having a hard time breathing while running in the cold.  I asked Dr. Gross about running in the cold and he said he would love for me to be able to run during any weather.  He suggested I buy a mask type thing to wear to warm up the air I breath and keep my neck and chest warm.  He also suggested some apparatus machine thing in which you wear an actual plastic mask and it warms up the air before you breath in.  I'm going to try to not use that.  I did my a mask thing from REI.  It isn't the most comfortable to run with but it will do.
Yesterday Matthew and I signed up for the next running class that starts on Tuesday.  Yikes!!  I decided to go for a run this morning and it turns out I don't like running in 30 degree weather.  I'm going to need to invest in some warmer running clothes.  I started off fine and felt great but it didn't take long for the mucus to take over.  I ran only a little over a mile (at a 9:45 pace) and then I had to walk.  I couldn't get my breath back.  I might try running again tonight and tomorrow but this time I'll take some Mucinex before I go out and see how that works out.  I definitely don't want to keel over on Tuesday night.  That would be embarrassing!