Monday, November 21, 2011

Mary Kay 5K- Oct 2011

On October 1 my the RunOn! 101 groups met up at my mecca, I mean, the Mary Kay building for the Mary Kay 5k.  It was COLD that morning!  We were used to running in the upper 90's but that day it was in the low 70's.  Right now the 70's is the perfect temperature but when you're used to upper 90's nearly 30 degrees difference is a lot!  I got there bright and early and waited for my fellow runners to join me.  Kate, my "slow buddy", coach, and I all ran together.  Kate and I really struggled with pacing ourselves so our coach was there to help us out.  My goal for this race was to run the entire time except for walking at the water stations.  I met my goal!!  I was so proud of myself!  I was even able to run faster than my buddies.  I left them in the dust towards the end.  I finished right at 35 minutes. I thought I worked hard enough but when I go to class on Tuesday night the coach asked if I was sore and I said no and she said that I could have gone faster.  The nerve of that woman!  :)  The Mary Kay race was such a great race.  It wasn't that crowded because some of the bigger Race for the Cure races were going on.  The location was just down the road from me and the prizes were really great!  3 people in our group won prizes!  I will definitely be running in this one next year.

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