Monday, December 31, 2012

Dallas Half Marathon

This post is long overdue, I'm terrible at updating this.

On December 9 I ran in my first half marathon with 30,000 of my best friends at the Metro PCS Dallas Marathon.  It was stupid humid and really warm for a december day but this is Texas.  I ran the majority of the course with my running buddies which always make running so much more fun.  As we headed to our corral we passed by several porty-potties but we decided to wait until we found our corral to take care of our business.  By the time we found the corral, there were no potties (that we wanted to use) in sight so Jennie, Deb, and I snuck into the fancy Adolfus hotel just to pee!  Yes, that was the highlight of the day.  Because it was so humid outside we decided to take it nice and slow and I felt great the entire time, just walked by the water stations when we needed to.  At mile 10 I was surprised out how great I was feeling so I told my running buddies "See you at the finish line!"  and ran ahead.  I'm glad we started out slow because towards the end, there were a lot of runners that had to end up walking and I was able to run past (slowly, but surely).  Matthew was at the finish line waiting for me and I'm so glad he was there and that we found each other.  I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to find him.  I waited at the finish line for the rest of the group and we all had our pictures taken then we headed to Eddie Deans ranch for some celebrating.

I'm so glad I was able to finish this race.  I've wanted to be a runner my entire life but was always told by doctors and others that I would never be able to do more than a few miles and only during certain times of the year.  I think I proved everyone wrong.  I sent my asthma doctor a thank you note for helping me get here and for encouraging me to do this.  
I am planning on running in the Dallas Rock-n-Roll Half in March. :)

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