Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Totals, Kind of

I follow several running blogs and today I've read several blogs about their totals.  It's incredible how far those hardcore runners run!  2013 will be my year to track my miles.
Matthew gave me a Garmin for my birthday in April so I have 8 months of totals but May isn't accurate because I wasn't used to having a garmin and I would forget it pretty often.

May: 25.6 miles
June: 49.1 m
July: 39.1 m
August: 46.3 m
September: 49.3 m
October: 10.4 m --the month I came down with bronchitis, twice
November: 46.5 m
December: 33.3 m

I know that for some people that isn't impressive at all.  To me right now, its kind of impressive but not good enough.  If I were to see this a year or more ago I would think, yeah right, when hell freezes over.

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